Why I do 3 day fasts monthly


SO, I read this article last year (click the picture above to be linked to it) and it said.. CAN A 3 day FAST RESET your IMMUNE SYSTEM!? I have another blog article that documents my first ever experience with it.. you can see that HERE. I say.. WHAT can it HURT!!!? The research is THERE.. if I can’t FAST for 3 days, then my willpower stinks!

With that said… my willpower STINKS by myself. Every time I try & do it without my accountability partner, I fail.. SO the power of accountability & another person who is doing it with you and available via text or glide or messenger on FB, is KEY bc it is NOT fun… 

I AM aware that going from never ever have fasted to straight up FASTING for 3 days is ALOT to ask some people. I have done another type of 3 day reset, if you may, but does allow fiber drinks, protein drinks, and small amounts of veggies & fruit for 3 days. 

With that said… I will be offering MONTHLY groups on Facebook as support. You can do either one, the 3 day with a strict regimented plan OR the one I do, only tea & water for 3 days. I will add bone broth this round.

If this interests you, click the below picture to be redirected to Facebook for more info!


Here is to healthy, new, vibrant MS free/Autoimmune Disease of choice** Cells & 3 days of resetting your system with NO sugar!