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Lets BET on your health in September

Hey FRIENDS!!!! Okay.. SO what is this FREE MONEY all about!?? I will tell you!!! 👊 I want to PAY YOU to get back into shape in September!!!! YES!!!!  IF you are an AUDIO learner.. here is a video of me telling you about it 😉 IF you are a VISUAL learner..here is the info […]

😍 Gluten Free Banana Bread…Must Try

You guys!!! SO GOOD! Not only is banana bread a GREAT way to use up old bananas, but it’s also a great not-TOO-sweet treat to have on hand when cravings hit. Very ripe (i.e. old) bananas are best for recipes like these, so make sure you hang on to all your speckled bananas! That said, if all you have […]

My journey of first ever 3 day fast

Hey friends!!! So, I totally want to tell you ALL about my 3 day fast! I have never fasted for 1 day, much less 3 days!!!    🙌So, I am doing this based on the below scientific study that was released in June (last month). Longo’s hypothesis is that fasting (or starvation) forces your body to […]

RECIPE of WEEK_Pineapple Burger

Hi FRIENDS!!!! I have found myself making ground beef more & more.. Likely because I am being a stickler with my protocol lately! I bounce back and forth from Wahls Protocol (which is much like keto nutrition) and just paleo in general 💟 I think you will LOVE this!!! (As always: I have MONTHLY 5 day free […]

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